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SuperCam - Man of STEAL

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month (the only thing that could make quarantine more uncomfortable), you know that Cam Newton has signed a 1 year deal with the New England Patriots. It was quintessential Patriots - wait until everyone has passed on the former Panthers playmaker and sign him to a relatively cheap 1-year contract with incentives. A former league MVP for next to no money or commitment - sure!

As many teams saw Cam's injury and subsequent time off as reasons to avoid signing him, Belichick and company took advantage of this and added him to a team void of, well, just the greatest quarterback to every play the game in Tom Brady. Not to mention, the timing of the signing was interesting to say the least. Think about it: The Patriots sign a guy named CAM right around the time the NFL announces their punishment for the Patriots organization for their filming of the Bengals sideline during the 2019 season. Coincidence? Maybe.

Their was speculation that Belichick might want to do what he could to get a high draft pick next year by not going out of his way to improve the roster to sustain a high level of success in 2020. I think the Cam signing should put those ideas to rest. Wouldn't they just stand pat (pun intended) with the inexperienced Jarred Stidham at QB rather than bringing in a versatile former MVP?

I like to at least give some attention to storylines when considering fantasy potential. In trying to predict the potential of Cam, it makes sense to consider the fact that both he and Bill Belichick have a ton to prove in 2020. Starting with the coach, Belichick is widely considered the best to ever do it, but some people still contest that his coaching success may have had more to do with Brady than his coaching. This debate has raged on for quite some time, but with Brady in Tampa Bay, we now will see if they both can find success without the other. How impressive would it be to see Cam Newton thrive on the Patriots and find themselves in the playoffs yet again. I have to believe Belichick wants to show the rest of the league and any of the doubters out there that he can do it with anyone.

Additionally, Cam was passed on by the entire league after the Panthers moved on from a guy that helped lead them to a Super Bowl appearance. Check out his social media accounts. It seems like every time he posts, it is something about letting the "haters" know that he's coming. I like that mentality, especially for a guy with his athleticism and power who can back up his words on the field.

I feel like we are in for a perfect storm. The NFL's best coach and one of the league's biggest stars on a mission to prove their greatness. As a fantasy fan, I am all in on Cam in 2020. Some may argue that he is not the best thrower of the football, having struggled with accuracy for much of his career. I would simply ask this: How often was Tom Brady asked to go deep in the past few years. Not much. The Patriots have been notorious for methodically moving the ball down the field on shorter routes that should fit perfectly into Cam's skill set. Don't sleep on Edelman this year either!

Here's the thing - Cam is currently being drafted as the #16 or #17 quarterback on average. He is being selected in the later rounds of drafts. For anyone looking to wait on a QB in their drafts, you can strike gold with Cam Newton if his ADP stays where it's at. It will be interesting to see how things shake out as training camps proceed and the hype train starts to come out of the station. My advice: Keep an eye on his ADP and pounce in the later rounds if he is there. You won't be disappointed.

- JD

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