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The Team


Joe Daley

Owner, Podcast Host, Writer

Joe began podcasting and writing about fantasy football as a way to dive deeper into his passion for the game. As a high school English teacher, he encourages students to think deeply and read between the lines - skills that translate directly to the game of fantasy football. Airing It Out has become a place for Joe to help make fantasy football easier for others while having fun along the way. Joe is also currently a writer for ⚡️, a leader in the world of fantasy sports.


Ryan M. Lima


Bob Costas. Al Michaels. Stephen A. Smith. Doris Burke. Ryan M. Lima. This is just a list of great and influential sports journalists of recent history - and Ryan is most certainly on his way there!  Currently a student with aspirations of pursuing a career in sports journalism, Ryan's love of sports and competitive nature are only rivaled by his dedication and incredible work ethic. He pairs strong opinions with strong evidence - a key to any great analyst. Expect big things...


Dr. Edward Strosnick

Recurring Podcast Guest

Dr. Edward Strosnick is a practicing physical therapist and Director of Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation at Connecticut Orthopaedics. Edward brings to the podcast an array of experience having worked with amateur and professional athletes, including NFL players. As a recurring guest on "Airing It Out with Joe Daley," he will transition from helping athletes return to the field to giving fantasy owners insight on which players are safe bets to return to their fantasy lineups after injury. 


Ana Daley

Social Media Coordinator

By trade, Ana Daley is a stellar accountant armed with a CPA and an intense desire to crunch numbers. It is this innate attention to detail paired with her keen eye for what's trending that makes her a fantastic social media coordinator for Airing It Out. Ana joined the fantasy football universe several years ago and has become a savvy player by applying her strong research skills and analytical approach to the game. #AiringItOut #FantasyFootball

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